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Quartz Clusters

Crystal quartz clusters is made of many natural crystal bits, like many mountains composed of crystal

Quartz cluster properties

  • Coarse crystal quartz clusters can help to produce clear vision and sleep peacefully. Putting the white crystal quartz clusters under the pillow will help to treat with insomnia.
  • Small piece of crystal quartz clusters can help to purify or degauss for green ghost and hair crystal. Meanwhile, many small chips of crystal quartz clusters on a pile can help to purify or degauss for bracelet; putting the crystal ornaments on crystal quartz clusters, after a night of purification, degaussing and charging, its energy will return to the original state. Wearing it will bring you a whole day good feeling and luck for wealth on the next day.
  • Crystal quartz clusters can be used as a goldfish stone, putting in the fishbowl can purify water, and absorb room radiation; setting the crystal quartz clusters besides the computers, televisions, and microwave ovens can proof radiation on the bodily injury in a great extent, as well as balance the living environment of the bedroom.
  • Crystal quartz clusters can purify negative energy (evil spirit), changing the geomancy. As treasure of the market town which can get rid of evil spirit! Meanwhile, it can raise crystal with supplement energy

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