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Crystal skulls was made by German?

In the world there are about 13 mysterious crystal skull, most of them be found in Central America, Honduras, Mexico and other places. These skulls are all made of transparent crystal of high purity, does not leave any visible traces of cutting tools, in addition, when these crystal skulls were made without considering the natural crystal axis, this is now very difficult. Scientists in the experiment accidentally shot in the nose of crystal skull with laser, skull will glow, obviously the skull with prism effect.

There are three crystal skulls were housed in the British Museum, France paris kaibulongley Museum and the Smithsonian Institution in Washington.Most of other crystal skull are all collections in private hands. No one knows who the pre-Columbian South America is a high-tech manufacturing these crystal skulls.Unable to unlock the mystery of crystal skulls,some people even began to doubt,crystal skull is a product of super-civilization, contains information about human origins and destiny. Hollywood film "Indiana•Jones and the Crystal Skull Kingdom", Mysterious "crystal skull" has once again aroused worldwide attention, Britain, France and the United States, scientists do crystal skulls for scientific tests, agreed that "Crystal Skull" is not the Aztec civilization in South America, the Mayan civilization, or super-civilization, but purely "made in Europe."

In recent months, French experts through a particle accelerator in the French Museum crystal skull collection a series of tests, Scientists finally found the results on the crystal skull jewelry with some of the cutting through the modern tools of technology and other marks left by cutting. The British Museum experts had also with the museum's "Crystal Skull" been tested, and come to the "Crystal Skull" is being called through a "spinning wheel" in jewelry manufacturing processing tools, and this tool in pre-Columbian era of the American continent does not exist. Meanwhile, the Association of American archeology latest issue of "Archaeology" magazine announced, On the U.S. scientists with "Crystal Skull" research, That they are unlikely to be the product of ancient South America.

So in the end who is based on the legend of indigenous people in South America, Deliberately falsified these "Crystal Skull"? The Smithsonian Institution in Washington suspected human experts Walsh object points to the 19th century the American continent, culture vultures Eugene • wave classes. Historians only know that Boban is a French, He lived in Mexico for more than 20 years. British Museum collection "Crystal Skull" was even owned by Boban, Walsh also found that,earlier, Boban trying to sell it to the United States Smithsonian Institution; Then Boban was in turn sold it to a crystal skull collector,This collectors later donated it to a Paris museum. These crystal skulls are likely to be from the 19th century German jeweler in the workshop in well-forged, The Boban in the marketing of these fakes process, play an important role.


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